Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Doujin Works - Completed review

What is it?

Inspired by her friend, a young woman decides she wants to make it big in the self-published doujinshi world. Besides the fact that she can't draw and that she knows nothing about otaku-culture, what can stop her?
What's good about it?
I found myself surprised at how much I enjoyed this! All the characters are likable, if not deep. The jokes come at you fast and often. The setting is the now-common, yet still enjoyable doujin publishing world. The comedic material is the now-common, yet still enjoyable otaku culture. There are 12 episodes, but since they're only 14 minutes long (including OP/ED), it feels like an OVA series and doesn't ask for much of a commitment.
What's bad about it?
The production values are below-average and the product looks unpolished at times. The story and characters are not plausible, though that doesn't necessarily hurt a comedy. The jokes are recycled to a certain extent.
Final Verdict
It took me a few episodes but I really got into this series. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it stays inside its confort zone. A large part of the comedy is sexual innuendos and misunderstandings, but that was funny and the series wasn't long enough for it to get old. In times like these where fansubbed light fare is hard to come by, it's so refreshing to get a great sample.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lovely Complex - Completed Review

I know this review was a long time coming, but better late then never.

What is it?

Two friends go through an extremely long series of events until they finally hook up.

What's good about it?

It's got its moments where its got a nice combo of comedy and tennage angst. It's a school romantic comedy anime, which almost guarantees I'll watch it (I know, I'm weak!). Most of the supporting characters range between good and adequate. I like the girl chasing the guy angle for a change.

What's bad about it?

Many times the main characters felt unlikable and brought their misery upon themselves. The guy tends to have this whining high voice when he gets angry which is quite annoying. Sometimes the jokes felt misplaced or recycled. The plot movement was a disaster. As do many of shows do, it creates challenges to the relationship that you don't really feel are credibly going to be dangerous. It took forever for them to finally start going out, during which you feel the show is just delaying the inevitable.

Final Verdict

As I often find in shoujo anime, the first episodes were the most enjoyable and the series progressively got worst, so much so that I put off the last three episodes for months (as those of you who were waiting on this review can attest). Still, it had its moments and I'm vulnerable to the genre.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Genshiken - ReTrO ReViEw

I've recently tried watching the second season and I found I had no idea what was going on. My solution was to rewatch the first season + the 3 OVAs. While it's difficult to call a 3 year old series a retro series, since I had to rewatch it to remember the characters, and since this is my blog, I've decided it qualifies.
What is it?
The story of a University club, nicknamed Genshiken, who are devotees to all things related to otaku culture: anime, manga, doujinshi, H-games, fighting games, cosplay, figurines and Gundam models.
What's good about it?
A lot. The characters are all likeable(except the ones you're not suppose to like) and well developed(litterally for one). The series presents most sides of the otaku way, in a balanced and light manner, presenting the arguments and counter-arguments for many stances. While there are many comedic elements and despite the subject matter, the show is surprising mature and dramatic, a big boost to it's credibility.
What's bad about it?
In a show like this, the use of stereotypes is inevitable but still prevalent (though much of it is valid). One of the main draws is also it's weakest point: it's tediousness. To elaborate, obscure references and minute observations abound and while they are astute and well researched, they make following some of their conversations impossible to the casual observer, and sometimes burdensome to some who can be considered experts.
Final Verdict
An instant classic, Genshiken has become something of an anime icon. Memorable quotes and situations abound. All otakus can feel a certain attachement for Madarame, not for his flamboyant and shameless devotion to anime, but for his honest nature, his awkward social graces and his hopeless crush. Genshiken is favorite of any otaku and a must-see for any anime lover.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Code-E - Completed Review

What is it?

Chinami is a student who emits electromagnetic waves which disrupts electronics around her. A classmate finds out this secret and begs her to let him study her condition. This somehow becomes a love triangle.

What's good about it?

I like the main character Ebihara Chinami. I think it's the glasses. The show is pleasant and all the main characters are good-natured.

What's bad about it?

The other characters are tired stereotypes. Kannagi is a clueless, incredibly bland character. The plot moved erratically. Most of the comedy comes from a couple of bumbling foreigners who are also terrible stereotypes.

Final Verdict

While I found the show easy to watch, there is nothing new here and there is no real reason to watch it. A forgettable, average series with no defining elements.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gundam Wing - ReTrO ReViEw

What is it?

Five young pilots of special mobile suits nicknamed Gundams are sent to earth to overthrow the military alliance oppressing their native space colonies and trigger a multitude of world-changing events.

What's good about it?

You get the standard Gundam setting, steeped heavily in political and military organisations. The show starts off with a decent amount of intrigue since the motives and identities of the young boys are mysterious unknown.

What's bad about it?

Where to begin? It seems the motive of almost every character is inconsistent, unbelievable and never really explained. In fact, many plot turns are never realistically explained. Things "just happen" or a character will do something totally out of character just to serve the plot. Worse than that, that lame goal isn't even achieved since the plot also seems to runoff in unreasonable directions. The character development is also hindered in that there is almost no explaining the past of the characters, which might go a long way in explaining their motives.

Final Verdict

For some reason (probably nostalgia), I remembered this as being better than it is. I was shocked at how bad it was upon rewatching again after 10 years or so. This makes Gundam Seed look like a masterpiece (for the record I feel Gundam Seed, like almost all Gundam series, is mediocre. Unless you're a hardcore Gundam or mecha fan, don't bother watching this. I can't believe I made it through the 49 episodes.... again.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall Season Pickups

I've finally settled on a list of shows from the new fall seasons that I intend to start watching. Which ones of these I cover on this blog will depend on my mood after watching them.

--Clannad TV
--gundam 00
--Shakugan no Shana II
--myself; yourself
--bamboo blade
--Genshiken 2
--Shion no Ou
--Kodomo no jikan
--Da Capo 2
--Kimikiss Pure Rouge
--Sketchbook: full color's

Realistically, I'll probably drop a few of those after a few episodes if they are boring or rub me the wrong way. If I drop more than I expect to, I may consider giving these a shot:

--Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
--Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

I may be absent for a stretch while I taste all of these series and I finish off a few I'm watching right now. Here are some upcoming reviews (probably):

-Lovely Complex
- Retro-review: Gundam Wing

I guess that's all for now, fellow anime-watchers. Bye-bee!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sumomo mo momo mo - Completed Review

What is it?

Tale of a student who wants to be a lawyer who is the son of a martial artist who wants him to marry a fellow martial artist who is very motivated to bear his children. Meanwhile, other martial artists are after his head.

What's good about it?

hmmmmmmmmmm. I really should find something nice to say about this. Ok. I like the Voice actress' portrayal of Momoko. Her way of speaking is charming!

What's bad about it?

Everything else.

Final Verdict

It's so much easier to write a short review for such a bad series. To remember: Don't watch this!


Anime Roundup - Halloween Edition

Hello Everyone! Happy Halloween!

Don't let Halloween edition fool you, that greeting is it. Well I'm pretty proud of my review output this month, though I've still got some to get done (and I'd still like to make them briefer).

The fall anime season is well on it's way, though I haven't watched any of the new shows yet. I like to wait till a series is at least 6 episodes into the season and I'm still settling on which ones I'll be covering and those that I'm watching.

I'll update those shows that never end: One Piece, Bleach and Naruto.

Naruto is as lame as ever (though I still watch it).

One Piece has just started a filler arc, and I have to say, the first episode showed some promise.

Bleach is finally done with filler and the action has picked up. Ichigo, Chad and Megame(if you don't recognize that name, google it idiot! So I have my own nicknames for anime characters I watch. Sue me!) have broken into Hueco Mundo to recover Orihime and potentially have to fight a shitload of Espadas. Awesome!

Hayate no Gotoku! is still going strong. The show kind of seems like it has no direction but it's still plenty entertaining so no real complaints here. I'm kind of annoyed at all the censoring they do when they refer to other anime and manga characters and names.

You know what! I'm going to do another review right this minute but I'll strive to make it as short as possible. Bye-Bee!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Major (Season 3) - Completed Review

What is it?
Shigeno Goro is now a senior high school student and he makes a fresh start a Seishu High. One problem: not only does Seishu not have a baseball club, it only has 10 or so guys attending it (since it was recently converted from an all-girl school). Shigeno takes this ragtag group of newbies and hidden talents, and this new team tries to make it all the way to Koshien, battling old rivals along the way.
What's good about it?
Oh the passion of youth! This is sports anime incarnate. You either hate it or love it. I'm in the love it category. Most characters from previous seasons make appearances, albeit much shorter ones. Full of willpowed drama.
What's bad about it?
This is probably the weakest of the 3 seasons so far. Shigeno (and the series) kind of starts over from scratch after leaving Kaido. He starts a NEW team with a full cast of NEW characters, but since the show has been about Shigeno's progress, this seems counter-intuitive and didn't sit well with me. The new characters are not great either. The season ended on a climatic note so I'm hoping there's another season left in the series. Major should've focused a little more on non-baseball matters. Namely, school and social interactions (get a girlfriend!).
Final Verdict
I'm a sports anime junkie so I'll never turn down a season of Major, but I know I won't be watching Major 3 a second time. In retrospect, season 3 will be remembered as the filler season in between Shigeno playing with Kaido and going to America to play (if there's a fourth season). Probably an above average sports series(mostly since most are not very good), though well below it's previous efforts.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Code Geass (season 1) - Completed

What is it?
Story of a brilliant young student who is given the power to control people by a mysterious girl. He creates a double life and uses this power to create a revolution against the conquering power and have revenge for his sad past, all the while playing the part of the honest student. As the world changes around him, he struggles to keep control of various events, while fighting to remain true to his ideals.
What's good about it?
Great storytelling! The plot moves at breakneck speed and doesn't stop till the last episode. Though this has some Gundam elements (mostly the mechas and political feel), this feels a lot more like Death Note to me, almost oddly so.
What's bad about it?
It feels like all these characters are recycled from other series. Lelouch, the star of the series, shares many characteristics with Yagami Light from Death Note. Lelouch is different in that, unlike Light, he feels moments of self-doubt and is inherently good.
Final Verdict
One of the top shows of last year, Code Geass will get you keep you hooked till the last episode and leave waiting in torture for season 2. Unlike many such series, characters die, the plot unfolds and once events happen, you feel there is no going back. Since the final episode ends on the mother of all cliffhangers, I find myself struggling to rate a non-concluded series but I'm a reviewer so I'll just have to suck it up.

Lucky Star - Completed Review

What is it?

Bunch of cute Japanese schoolgirls do a bunch of cute japanese schoolgirl things. A formula for success!
What's good about it?
Lucky star doesn't take this Moe-moment filled schoolgirl anime halfway. It shamelessly includes every character stereotype in the genre. The naive and innocent glasses-wearing beauty(pink-haired featured below), the indulgent and lazy girl(yellow-ribbon), her tsundere sister, the naive sickly little girl, her tall, silent, cool, insecure friend, the foreign exhange student who knows waaaay to much about otaku culture, the irresponsible teacher, the mangaka with a dirty mind. The star of the show is Konata(blue hair), a hardcore otaku, well-versed in manga, anime, collectible figurines and cards(among others), ero-games and MMORPGs. Charming!
What's bad about it?
As you may expect from stereotypic characters, many of the character interactions and jokes are kind of repetitive and predictable.
Final Verdict
Lucky Star is a must-see for any anime junkie. Your level of appreciation for many of the references and themes can be an important factor in how much you enjoy this series. Those that are clueless about otaku culture will repeatedly find themselves frustrated and are in danger of not "getting it". Luckily for you, if you're reading this blog, you know enough about these themes to guarantee a fun ride.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

City Hunter - ReTrO ReViEw

What is it?

The story of a talented man-for-hire who works in the underground world with his inexperienced partner.

What's good about it?

For a series that began 20 years ago, City Hunter remains quite watchable. Many of the story arcs are well written and most of the characters have their charm. City Hunter is a great indicator of the time it aired, both in its anime style and cultural referencing. The mood of urban Japan in the 80's is very well-represented.

What's bad about it?

Running 150 episodes long with half a dozen movies, most of the episodes are filler episodes. Character interactions are incredibly predictable and repetitive. The good guys (and the bad guys) always seem to make the same mistakes (especially Kaori). The story arcs range from 1 to 3 episodes in length and while the non-filler ones (the vast minority of the arcs) are quite worthwhile, the filler arcs are hit and miss with some very tedious ones in there.

Final Verdict

City Hunter could never air today as it stands. The filler hurts but the animation reflects its age and the formula is tired and has been replicated to nausea. Most of the emulation reflects the popularity of the show and it's characters at its conception. Like most retro anime series that were popular in their time, you can only enjoy City Hunter if you can appreciate the impact it had on the way anime is made today without holding it's faults against it.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kaze no Stigma - Completed Review

What is it?

Bunch of elemental-powered clans fight demons and each other.

What's good about it?

The powers they control are nice. Character designs and animation are above average.

What's bad about it?

No story arcs were as good as the first one. The final arc was the worst by far : lame dialogue, none of the vilains are defeated, unoriginal plot turns.

Final Verdict

Not a very good but still watchable series.


Monday, October 08, 2007

History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi - Review Revision

I've previously reviewed this series, even though I had only watched around half of the series. At the time I believed I had seen enough to review it and gave a harsh enough review. Having placed much of my ire at the number of filler episodes which dominated the first half of the series I was then pleasantly surprised to find them to be completely eliminated form the second. By no stretch is this a "great" series, it sufficiently improved in the latter half to justify me changing its rating.

Previous rating 7.0 ----------------------> Revised review 7.7

I'm taking a break now but expect some more, briefer, reviews in the next 3 days. Here's a list of them so I don't forget.

-Lucky Star
-Kaze no Stigma
-City Hunter
-Code Geass (season 1)
-Sumomo momo momomo momomo momo momomomomomo
-Lovely Complex (whenever KissSub gets off their asses and sub the last episode)

After those reviews I'll be concentrating mostly on examing the batch of new shows of the fall anime season.

Death Note - Completed Review

What is it?

The tale of a brilliant student, Yagami Light, who finds a Death God's notebook. By writing down a person's name in it, he can kill that person. He decides to enterprise his own brand of justice by killing of criminals in waves. It doesn't take long before the world notices this trend and before the hounds start circling in on his identity, in particular a prodigic world-renowned investigator going simply as "L".

What's good about it?

Plenty! The main characters, especially in the opening half of the series are extremely likable and impressive characters. Their analytical battle of wits really carry the plot and make for addictive watching with many episodes ending in cliffhangers. The animation style is very manga-adapted which is awesome.
What's bad about it?

Just a few points. L's succesor, Near, isn't nearly as engaging as L and the rivalry with Light suffers because of it. Also, the other character's besides the leads are not very perceptive as they seem to just watch and hardly know what's going on half the time. This is partially corrected towards the end as the amount of apparent coincidences becomes obvious, even to them. Though the ending is conclusive and, in most respects, appropriate, I felt there was a plot twist or two too little, definitely less than what we had gotten used to.

Final Verdict

Thoroughly enthralling series which remains high-paced from start to finish. A must-watch no matter what genre of anime you like watching. The criticisms I have are mostly generated by my adoration of the series (I would even bother trying to find faults in some lesser series) and personal tastes and should not be mistaken for fatal flaws. Though I, as I often do, wished to see the vilain win, I don't hold it against the series that he doesn't and neither should you!
Our Protaganist, Yagami Light
His brilliant counterpart, "L"

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anime Roundup - September '07

Well, it's been a while, has it not? Let's consider the last month and a half my vacation time and hopefully I can keep a more agreeable schedule from now on. Thankfully, I'm not that far behind since many fansubbing groups have also taken a late-summer vacation.

I'll keep it short since it's 1:28A.M. and I have work in the morning. This is more a blog update than an anime update. Many of the shows I'm following will be ending in the coming month or so, so I'll be keeping silent on them till their final review is done. I have many final reviews to do and that's my priority. With my backload and the coming boatload of reviews that will come shortly, I have waaaay to much on my plate. To accomodate this my next dozen reviews or so will be much shorter than the already short reviews I usually deliver. Put it down as laziness and me knowing the laziness I have. Here is a list of some of the reviews so that I don't forget:
-death note
-sumomo momo momomo (I know this isn't right but I don't feel like looking it up right now)
-code geass (season 1)
-.....wow that's all that comes to mind at the moment , I know there's plenty more I'm forgetting. I'll try to remember them.

If you're wondering if I took a break from watching anime since my last post, do not fret. I've been following all of my usual series (from the fansub groups that didn't take breaks) and a few of other series on the side. Mostly though, I've been watching old City Hunter episodes. For those of you who don't know of City Hunter, it was a very popular anime series from the late 80's to the early 90's. Anyways, I've rewatched the entire two first seasons (50 & 63 episodes respectively!) so that's kept me pretty busy. Maybe I'll start a ReTrO aNiMe section after I'm done watching the rest of the batch (two more much smaller seasons and half a dozen movies). No promises there though. Anyways it's getting pretty late so I'll call it a night. Rock on true believers! Bye-bee!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Nodame Cantabile - Completed Review

What is it?

Nodame Cantabile is the story of two musicians. Chiaki is a uber-talented musician who wants to become a world famous conductor and study under his idol. Only problem is, he is afraid of flying (and boats :P) so he is stuck trying to form his own orchestra in Japan. Nodame (Noda Megumi) is a uber-talented yet untrained and unmotivated pianist. She quickly develops a crush on her neighbor (Chiaki). As the story moves along, both characters try to break away from their traumatic past and get lost in the world of classical music.

What's good about it?

Lots. First of all, the characters are great, especially the title character, Nodame. She is a lazy, pathetic, childish, hilarious character. While Chiaki is forced to play the straight man all the time, he is far from annoying. He has his own twisted sense of humor which he mostly keeps to himself. The animation and theme will remind many of Honey and Clover. However, this series is more than just Honey and Clover with music instead of art. While Nadame Cantabile does get serious at times, it is much better at keeping things light and not become a pity party(my biggest complaint with Honey and Clover). As to be expected, the music is fantastically chosen.

What's bad about it?
Not a whole lot. Sometimes the character interactions get somewhat predictable and the character development can be slow-moving.

Final Verdict

Great characters and easygoing plot made this series a slam dunk. It doesn't take enough chances to qualify as a legendary series but if you are looking for a drama that isn't angst-ridden, you can't go wrong with Nodame Cantabile. Thoroughly enjoyable lighter fare.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mushishi - Completed Review

What is it?

Mushishi chronicles the travels of Ginko, a mushi expert(or mushishi). Mushi are a fictional kingdom of living beings that come in many different shapes and sizes. Mushi are more basic and mysterious creatures than the living creatures we know. They are only visible to a small proportion of humans and since they live through many different ways, they can have many impacts when in contact with humans. While most mushi do not have actual bodies and do not influence other lifeforms, some can act as parasites or symbiotically with humans and cause various side affect. This is where our protaganist comes in. Ginko travels through villages in feudal times and addresses illnesses or calamities brought on by human interactions with mushi.
What's good about it?

Everything. Every episode is a complete gem of a tale. The characters are always interesting and endearing. The music and animation are top-notch and only serve to add to the ephereal experience the show provides. The show exudes a mysterious aura that keeps you intently fixated from the opening to the last second.

What's bad about it?

Nothing. Really.

Final Verdict

Honestly, this show has set the standard other shows will try to measure up to in the coming years. I consider it to be one of the best series I have ever watched and it is far and away the best show I have reviewed since starting this blog. This is must-see no matter how little anime you watch. The only reason it doesn't get a ten is that I don't give out tens. Ever.

I'd also like to note that I was fortunate enough to accidently download the french subbed version by Nerae and was suitably. I had yet to ever watch a series in french before since I don't enjoy hearing or writing in french, even though I am francophone. However, I found Nerae translations to be so enjoyable, I will be sure to remain open to French subs in the future, with Nerae being my first choice.


Friday, July 20, 2007

A Quick Announcement

I'll be picking up some shows from the new anime season:
-Zero no Tsukaima (Season 2)
-School Days
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I'll give you a general idea of what these are after I've watched a few more episodes and I can form an impression.

That is all.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anime Roundup - July '07

Hola fellow anime-enthusiasts. Well, let's jump right into it. Firstly, as I suspected would happen, One Piece has started putting out filler. The only thing worst than a filler arc is individual filler episodes, which is what the last two episodes have been. Here's to hoping the Water 7 episodes are nearly done.

We're halfway through a season of Lovely Complex and our protaganists don't seem any closer to getting together than before. Though the show is still funny, the flow has kind of stagnated of late and the character interactions have become repetitive. Hopefully, the pace will pick up in the coming episodes.

It looks like Kaze no Stigma is starting a similar trend. Let's hope the last couple of date episodes are blips and that the series doesn't try to do what it's not about.

Lucky Star has tried shaking things up by introducing some new characters and it has met with some partial success. The new characters are fun and add some novelty, but the whole material is largely the same. Still probably the best show airing at the moment though. I love it when Konata mentions Yutaka has a special appeal with a certain audience and Yutaka has no idea what she means. Priceless.

Hayate no Gotoku has also changed it's scenery by having Hayate go to the rich kid's school with Nagi. This will probably mean less Maria and more everyone else which is great(though I do like Maria). This series has stayed fresh since the beginning and I'm only enjoying it more as it goes on.

Now that Clare isn't the weakling she was until now, I'm banking on Claymore to get more exciting as the series progresses. It looks like she is up against two Awakened Beings right now so this is a perfect opportunity for her to kick some ass.

Well, that's all I care to go on about. I've got Mushishi, Death Note, Sumomo mo Momo mo(what a stupid title) and Nodame Cantabile reviews on the backburner so you can expect to see those in the coming weeks(expect three good reviews and one bad one. You can probably tell which is which by looking at the titles or if you've watched those series at all). Now, I'll leave you all with a screenshot of Yutaka's reaction after Yui tells her something that's not appropriate to say to your little sister. Bye-bee!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sola - Completed Review

What is it?

Sola is the story of a guy who meets a immortal being that he falls for. Meanwhile, his sister is in the hospital for unknown reasons. Anyways, this guy is a sky-enthusiast (if such a thing exists) taking pictures, painting and just about spending all his time admiring the sky. Ironically, his new friend can't watch a sunny sky because she burns when in contact of sunlight. What a bummer. Turns out Sis has a similar ailment and ...you know what, I'm gonna stop there. This show is a bitch to summarize.

What's good about it?

Comparisons between Sola and Kanon are often made for easy reasons. Both shows are made by the same people, the animation is identical and character designs are very similar. Both feature a similar supernatural plot and elements. Both are shows with one guy and plenty of girls surrounding him (though you shouldn't for the life of you put this down in the harem/ecchi genre). Both stories take place in small towns with landmarks important to the story. Being the great show that Kanon is, any comparisons to it should be a compliment to that series and in some ways it is.

What's bad about it?

Sola is no Kanon. The most obvious downside to Sola is that it fails to stand as tall as Kanon in almost every category besides animation. The dialogue is nowhere near as witty and funny. In fact the whole show was very serious throughout. Even when the characters were joking around, the delivery was poor and the effect was tangibly minimal. Which brings me to the characters. Though the characters were pretty well developed, none were particularly endearing or charming. Basically, everyone is boring and their motives are not very believable due to their predicaments. Which brings me to the story. The supernatural takes overwhelming precedent as the series progresses and leaves a taste of incredulity in my mouth and by the end, nothing is shocking or even really matters. Finally, the show ,being only 13 episodes long, feels condensed, especially since it has to rush to make up for a slow starting pace.

Final Verdict

After all that criticism, you would probably assume my rating for the series would be poor. You would be wrong. I've spent my review describing why it falls short to its predecessor, and it does. However, if you take it on its own, the series is pretty decent. The story is rich and leaves no loose ends. The big budget animation is among the best you'll get in a series and while you may feel the plot borrows a lot from Kanon, if you hadn't see Kanon, you would find the story creative and refreshing.

Sure Sola is a poor man's Kanon. But the comparisons could have been drawn to a lot worse


Monday, June 25, 2007

Sci-fi Harry - Completed Review

What is it?

Harry is an unsocial, unpopular, awkward teenager who one day discovers that he has special psychic powers. Encouraged by his classmate, he tries developing his skills. When his powers are made public, various groups come after Harry for different motives and soon, the police realize his existence is part of a massive conspiracy.

What's good about it?

The strength of this show is its plot and character development. The character designs were kind of annoying at first, but I got to liking them towards the end. Still, they are not flattering and none of the characters looks really attractive. The animation is good, so is the soundtrack. The best part of the show is the unraveling of the conspiracy, which the plot is based on.

What's bad about it?

Though the character's are well developed, I didn't necessarily find a lot of them likeable. Besides Chinori and maybe the detective, I really didn't care for any of the other main characters (Harry, Catherine, John). Harry in particular was often frustrating. He is ALWAYS undeciding, nervous, scared and uncool, though this is partly corrected towards the end. Also, the series is set in America. That might give it an exotic feel for Japanese viewers, but I found the setting unconvincing as a Westerner.

Final Verdict

Overall, the series was still pretty good. At 20 episodes, the plot moved nicely throughout and there was no filler episodes. The ending was so-so, but it doesn't leave you hanging and everything pretty much gets resolved. Worth a watch.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Quick Announcement

I will be picking up Dennou Coil so look forward to my first impression shortly. Also, I've just finished watching Sci-fi Harry so you can expect a full review of that series too.

Seirei no Moribito - Initial Impressions

Here is the general plot in a nutshell. A female spearwielding bodyguard is hired by the prince's mother to smuggle him to safety. He is being targeted by his father, the Emperor, because he is incubating a water spirit that will bring about a drought if he is allowed to hatch. Now, the prince must hide his royal upbringing and comingle with the commoner's while he continues to be searched for by his pursuers.

I've watched about 10 episodes of this. The first 5 or so of those featured some insane fighting scenes and political development. The show has since shifted however, and now we find the young prince trying to start a different life, of course this isn't nearly as entertaining. Probably, fighting will once again make some appearances, just not as frequently as in the beginning. Still, this show has a lot going for it. Firstly, the animation is some of the best I have ever seen for a series. The show features breathtaking landscape settings and great attention to detail. A+. Also, the character designs, which I found a little annoying at first, have really started to grow on me and now I appreciate them. Speaking of characters, Balsa (the female bodyguard) is a kickass one. She could make the show good on her own. I'm looking forward to some more of her in the episodes to come.

Anime Roundup - June '07

I'd say I have a number of shows I am following very intently and not much else right now. Presently, I'm watching about as little anyway as I have in the last few years. Just can't bring myself for some reason. Anyways, the exceptions are currently: lucky star, hayate no Gotoku, seirei no moribito(I'll be reviewing it shortly), one piece (never get tired of it), lovely complex, death note(which is almost over), Major, Seto no Hanayome. I've also started watching Overdrive again this week thanks to Mendoi Fansubs picking up the series. There are more but I can't think of them at this moment.

The latest One Piece arc came to an ending in the last few episodes and is currently transitioning towards the next one. Of course, whenever an arc ends in one piece, there is a certain trepidation over whether the next arc will be a filler one or not. Right now, the manga isn't even halfway through (as far as I can tell) the zombie Island arc, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some filler before the anime starts that arc. The next few episodes are likely to be boring Cody reunion/flashback episodes so I'm not really looking forward to it.

Lucky Star, while still very entertaining, is not as fresh as it was during the first airings. It is somewhat repetitive material and the responses are fast becoming predictable. Still, the characters are still adorable and the subject matter is still up any otaku's alley so I'm not likely to stop watching, or enjoying, Lucky Star anytime soon.

Death Note is only a few episodes away from concluding. Since I haven't read the manga, the conclusion will come to a surprise to me. Since it's starting to look like Light will be caught, or killed soon, I'm hoping it won't come to that. Despite pretty much everyone knowing he's Kira, I'm still holding out on him once again rising up above everyone, especially since I don't like Mellow and Near. I really liked the L/Light rivalry throughout the first part of the show and since L died I haven't enjoyed the series as much though I'll still be satisfied if Light gets away in the end. I'm pulling for the bad guy.

Well I've got a few reviews to do, so I'll leave it at that for now.

This is a shot of Konata(Lucky Star) fanning herself during a hot day. Priceless.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lovely Complex - Initial Impressions

I've zoomed through the first 8 or 9 episodes of this school romance series and so far it has been quite enjoyable. The plot takes a while to lift off. First, the two leads try to help each at getting someone else. When that falls through, characters from both their pasts come along and create some tension between them, but they never feel like real threats to their budding romance so you kinda start to wonder when the writers will stop with the jabs and get going for real. Despite the fact that the writers seem to test the waters for the first part of the show, the wait is still very enjoyable and there is some definite character buildup. Frankly, I'm more comfortable with getting to know the situation and relationships before the sparks start flying.

The two lead characters are very much alike (despite the discrepency in stature) and are funny and both very much likeable protaganists. They are surrounded by 2 other couples so they are somewhat forced together a lot. They have been friends/rivals for a long time so their feelings are somewhat mixed about getting into a more serious relationship that could jeopardize their friendship. Of course, this leads to some delicious angst for all of us to feast on.

Many of you know I'm a sap for school romance animes so it might feel like I'm praising the genre more than the show itself. While that might be partly the case, Lovely Complex is shaping up as one of the better shows of the genre. Better than Bokura no Iga, which I reviewed last year ,though that started strong too. It also feels lighter in tone and has the fact that it's damn funny going for it to. I'm looking forward to the rest of it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Review Overhaul

I haven't been able to bring myself to keep updating the current shows I've been watching. In a few cases, I've stopped watching a show altogether (Heroic Age). Others, I have followed very closely (mostly lighter fare like Lucky Star, Seto no hanayome) but since these are mostly episodic by nature I don't feel inclined to review a plotless show. So what I will do is give you:
1- A first impression of different series (like those I have done so far)
2- A detailed review of the series once it ends (or the season ends). I mostly do this only for series I have watched but not talked about on this blog.
3-A weekly post of observations on the shows I follow that I wish to comment on.

The weekly post will cover plot development in story heavy series while commenting on trends I notice of the series I am watching.

Now the summer season has begun so I will be adding a few series to my plate:

Ookiku Furikabutte - looks to be a classic sports anime (in this case baseball)
Lovely Complex- school romance

Please look watch them - if that is what I instruct you upon having watched them myself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update: Reviews

Well, I suppose it's been a little while since my last review but I should be adding a handful in the next few days. So far, I like how the new reviews are coming around. Still I feel there's so room for improvement. I've considered going back to my old method of releasing one post a week commenting on all the shows I'm following, since I feel this new method makes me write a summary each time before I can comment, which is what I LIKE doing. For now I'll just stick with this system and scale back on the summarizing.

Here's some non-anime news your way. Those of you who know me know I bore you all to tears with my intense, raving adoration for the late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Well a two-disk compilation of unreleased recording called NEW MOON was released by KILL ROCK STARS a week ago and it owns! Get it now!

Well, since I'm here I might as well review something. Hmmm...OK!

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi:

What is it? Comedy about a weakling student who goes to train at a dojo of over-dedicated martial artists while being targeted by a notorious gang of martial artists.
What's good about it? Much of the supporting cast are funny character's like most of the Dojo lodgers, Kenichi's parents (who we don't see enough) and the busty blonde female lead, Myu.

What's bad about it? Kenichi is always whining about training or being a coward. Too many filler episodes- like going to the beach episode or worried teacher visits crazy dojo episode.

I don't have a really positive outlook on this series yet I'm still watching it at episode 20 so read into that what you will. The series isn't finished but I feel comfortable grading it at this point.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Seto No Hanayome 1-3

Yes, since I feel I don't have enough on my plate I'm picking up another series. Let's see how long this bout of initiative lasts.

Nagasumi is swimming in the ocean while on summer vacation and gets a leg cramp and starts drowning. However, he is saved by a KAWAII mermaid just before he passes out. He then learns that since the mermaid revealed herself in order to save him. He must marry her or die. After a series of events, he decides to accept the proposal (DUH). There is one hitch however. San-chan (mermaid's name) is from a Yakuza family under the sea and practically none of her family approve of the match. So while, San ands Nagasumi try to better know each other, Nagasumi keeps trying to evade attempts on his life.

While the premise is a little out there, this series is actually quite funny. Many of the side characters (Nagasumi's parent's, Masa, Maki) really shine while some are tired stereotypes (mainly San's Dad). I also think it's funny how they can incorporate a shark in scenes where they are on land. Go figure. It seems the setting of the show is changing since summer vacation is over, so it will be interesting to see how well the transition is made and if the introduction of new characters that is sure to follow will be as interesting. Let's stay tuned.

Heroic Age 4-5

AGE meets another Nodos and the two go at it. Meanwhile a huge battle takes place next to them. They fight to a standstill (the Nodos that is, the insects are destroyed by AGE) and everyone heads home.

Sorry for the less than enthusiastic summary there but I'm just not feeling this series right now. I can't put my finger on what's missing but I can't seem to get myself into it. The production values are there, so are the cool battles and mechas. Maybe it's the characters. I just don't care for any of the characters. The enemy nodos are boring, even the good guys aren't really interesting. Plus they fight insect minions that you never really feel are a threat. Maybe I don't care for the fact that the Nodos are just so insanely strong, like there's no parameters to follow. Maybe the whole mood is kinda dry and sterile and conversation is very empty. I'm just not feeling this right now. Oh well, maybe it'll get better.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Moonlight Mile 3-6

After saving a coworker/buddy by relaying him a crazy rescue plan, Goro is selected as a crewmember of the first Japanese shuttle launch. His hopes are dashed however, when a test launch blows the engine. That launch being indefinitely delayed, Goro signs up for a Russian launch of a shuttle that has had problems in the past. Nevertheless, all goes according to plan and Goro is dropped off at the International Space Spation and becomes one of it's newest members. Still, he longs to be part of a voyage to the moon.

After surviving through a tough spell in the desert, Lostman is finally chosen to become a shuttle pilot in the ISA, though he finds himself frustrated with his slow progress. Still, he keeps impressing his superiors, while keeping tabs on Goro's progress.

I've really enjoyed this series so far. The side characters are all interesting and unique. Sure the show oozes of Testosterone, what with Goro and Lostman continously getting laid by various women and the huge amount of bravado stunts they pull, but that's part of the fun. The show is still pretty focused on Goro's path so far, having devoted only one episode to Lostman (along with brief appearances in the other episodes), so we get the idea that Goro will be our main protaganist throughout.
Goro(middle) at the ISS

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Overdrive 1-3

So far this show is pretty boring. It's the story of a student (forget his name) who has always had a crush on his classmate Fukazawa. She is a member of the cycling club so he decides to join, but since he doesn't even know how to ride a bike, she has to go through all the basics with him.

Character development is prominent so far, yet flawed in many ways. The main character (let's call him Goro) seems inconsistent in his actions, so its hard to decide what kind of person he is. I also don't get why Fukazawa is wasting her time with such an awkward, spineless bumbling spaz. From the opening scene in episode 1, it's clear Shinozaki (I just remembered his name) later goes on to lead the Tour de France. But right now, it's hard to see what his redeeming features are.

Hopefully, this anime will profit from a change of focus when they start concentrating on the bike racing instead of the character development, which is just not working for me.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lucky Star 1-3

Wow! Easily my favorite show of a great anime season. It starts out with possibly the best OP ever. The show is basically a bunch of high school girls chatting and playing games and stuff. Kinda like Azumanga Daioh, except edgier. Some of the jokes are hit and miss but the pace is so fast you are kept in the flow and never lose interest. What is also great is the subject matter: manga, anime, video games - much of it initiated by the star character Konata, female otoku. For example, in episode three, both Sakigake! Cromartie High and Pani Poni Dash are referenced and ED, a different karaoke song sung by one of the girls each episode, is a rendition of the ED from FMP ~Fumoffu~ by Konata-chan. Definitely a must see in my book, so watch it! NOW!!!

Claymore 1-4

Claymore is your basic generic shounen anime except with a female lead, which is definitely a plus. Anyways, Claymores are half-demon, half-human mercenaries that kill full demons by request, oh and Claymores are all girls. They are still generally feared and hated by the public though. Anyways, this chronicles Clare & her cook/sidekick, Raki. Both characters aren't very endearing(Raki is downright annoying), but the animation is nice and the fight scenes are decent so this gets a passing grade from me.

By the end of episode four, Raki somehow stops Clare from becoming a Youma(btw Youma are demons), a fate that is inevitable to Claymores, thus removing the need for her to kill herself and make this a very short series. What was that all about? If they don't explain the phenomenon, or if the reason she was able to revert is because he opened her heart or some corny trash like that, I will feel extremely disguted and will quickly be reduced to moking this series on a weekly basis. For now though, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.

A scene where Clare almost chops Raki's head off

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moonlight Mile 1-2

Two mountain climbers buddies, an American nicknamed "Lostman" and a Japanese guy named Goro, have conquered all the major mountains and have now decided to become astronauts. As luck would have it, a superpotent energy source has just been discovered on the moon so the space industry is in a boom. Lostman becomes a navy pilot in the hope of becoming a shuttle pilot while Goro joins a construction company that is subsequently awarded a contract on the moon. After showing off his skills in the company for a few years, Goro is given the spot on the moon construction mission. Meanwhile, countries in the middle-east, realizing their oil will soon be obsolete, prepare to launch a last-ditch war in the Persian Gulf, which is where Lostman's unit is presently located.

This series is much better than I expected. Character development is very well done and the supporting cast is interesting in itself. So far the story has been almost exclusively centered around Goro, so I'm wondering if, now that Goro has been selected to go to space, the focus is shifted to his American counterpart, or if the show will continue to follow Goro and leave Lostman's progress a mystery until later when they meet again. I'm looking forward to future episodes!

Gigantic Formula 1-3

Different countries begin to duel each other in mechas. The losing countries must help the winner as they try to conquer the world. This is all done to appease the wrath of those mechas and prevent a second apocalypse incident. Anyways, our story follows the Japanese country's 13 year old mecha pilot and his translator (She conveys the will of the mecha. I think the mecha's name is Shusano). The anime starts off with the Chinese mecha attacking Japan. Japan nevertheless wins the duel and China is forced to join Japan. Episode 3 ends with Russia, intimidated by the Japan-China alliance, challenging Japan to a duel.

So far, this show has been pretty decent. The focus has been almost entirely on the politics and history of mecha duels so far, so hopefully the character development and actual action start to pick up in the next few episodes. Kinda wondering if the pilot has a thing for the translator(who appears to be slightly older than him) or if it was just an initial infatuation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nagasarete Airantou 1-3

Classic Harem setting involving a guy getting stranded onto a isolated island populated a only women. Every woman on the island is interested in getting him to marry them, and since they are insanely strong, he is at the mercy of their whims. For some reason, the women all seem to be trained as ninjas. This is pretty brainless writing in terms of a story. I'll probably only include my observations as we go along because there is no story at all here to update.

This is it for tonight, I may add a few more reviews in the next few days. If not, see you next week.

Sola 1-3

Sola is a slice of life anime that is eerily similar to Kanon (2006), a great show itself. So far the show revolves around a guy who likes to photograph the sky (lame). He meets a mysterious girl one day and eventually learns she is some kind of immortal nightwalking entity. He decides to hide her in his house (he has no parents) since some equally mysterious goatee guy is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, our lead male has a depressing little sister living in the hospital an a childhood friend who comes to cook his meals and walk to school with as the other mean characters in this show. So far, the show has been kind of disappointing. The story is moving very slowly and the characters have been kind of bland. Still, I'm expecting the show to pick up and predict it might be a must-see by the time it's over.

I'll take this opportunity to review Kanon (2006) which, for some reason, I neglected to do a month or so ago when I watched it.

Kanon (2006)- Slice of life drama. Features several story arcs featuring the lead male and different girls in a small winter town. Characters are interesting, features great dialogue and intriguing supernatural elements. A must see. 9.2/10

Scene from Kanon, featuring some of the main characters.

Heroic Age 1-3

Heroic Age is a space mecha, though the story is a little out there. The universe is made up of different tribes, vying for universal supremecy. Unlike other shows like this, there isn't a "War is Hell" message behind the story. Every tribe is voluntarily participating in this contest of strength, answering the challenge of a superior golden tribe that has since left the galaxy. Anyway, our story follows the Human tribe which is considered the weakest of the main players. The tribe finds their God-warrior, one of the five remnants of the Hero tribe, which has the control over a mecha like creature. The other 4 heros are all part of the frontrunning silver tribe. The humans' hero, Age, has lived a life of solitude on an unoccupied planet and has no experience socializing with other humans. The first three episodes pretty much involve the crew of a human ship trying to tame his wild ways between him kicking the ass of enemy minions. By the end of episode 3, it is clear the other 4 heros are planning how to attack him so we can expect some hero vs. hero action in the coming weeks.

Well, it's been a week

I can honestly say I've watched most episodes of all the series mentionned previously. After watching them, I've decided that instead of 1 blog a week updating you on every show, I would review a batch of episodes of a particular show. So every week I will review 3 episodes of 3 different shows in seperate posts. The next week, I would review 3 episodes of some other shows and so on. I put in 3 episodes per post but that figure is likely to be arbitrary based on story arcs and my mood, mostly my mood. Here goes nothing!

Monday, April 16, 2007

An uncharacteristicely ambitious plan

Hello anime-lovers,

I've just decided I'll switch back to a more week by week review of ongoing shows I'll attempt to take on a very large number of new shows which include : Hayate no Gotoku!, Heroic Age, Hidamari Sketch!, Gigantic Formula, Lucky star, Manabi Straight!, Moonlight Mile, Nagarasete Airantou, Nodame Cantabile, Overdrive, Romeo x Juliet, Sola, Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou and the OVA Murder Princess.

Now I know what you're all thinking, "you can barely manage a post a month, you really expect us to believe you actually think you can manage a weekly review of over a dozen new shows. You must really think we're fucking guilible retards."

Well, while I'll admit straight up it will be hard for me to manage a consistent weekly post, my laziness concerning this blog should in no way be misinterpreted as a deficiency in the amount of anime I watch. I'll tell you right now, I watch more anime than you or anyone you know. There you go. Plus, some of those series are likely to be dropped or delayed by fansub groups or I might find some of those series unwatchable- which I would convey to you to hilarious results- and drop them myself. That should weed out a few of those titles and hopefully make this a manageable task.

I'll try watching some episodes of ALL those series this week and get back to you with some idea of how this project will look like next week.

'Til next time, this was Fefifofum, you fucking guilible retards.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let's keep the reviews rolling...

Erementar Gerad- A story about humans and power-possessing beings that merge with them to form contracts. Characters range from boring to annoying and the story is so bland a spider on the wall is more entertaining. 5.0/10

Ghost hunt - A band of supernatural investigators perform a gambit of missions which include battling ghosts and destroying curses. Characters include a shrine priestess, a buddhist monk, a catholic priest and a psychic but the protagonists are a high school girl and a narcissistic genius (appropriatly nicknamed "Naru"). Lots of fun with some interesting cases. One of the best shows of last season. 9.0/10

Ouran Host Club- Solid comedy about a club of high school hosts that fall for a female student that they force to cross-dress so that she can join their club. She learns about the difficulties of the elite while they learn about instant coffee. Great cast of characters. 8.5/10

Busou Renkin- Warriors imbued with the power of alchemy battle monsters also imbued with those same powers. An above-par fighting anime that was funnier than expected on the occasions it cared to attempt some humor. 7.5/10

There will be more next week as I try to ressurrect the Top Ten. Stay tuned!

P.S. For those of you that care, I like Detroit, Dallas, Anaheim, Nashville, Buffalo, Ottawa, Tampa Bay and New York's (Rangers) chances of advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. BTW, that's hockey, for those of you forming the ignorant masses.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Those of you who thought this blog was dead are only partly right

Though I haven't given up on this blog yet, many may believe the amount of new posts I input do not warrant me calling this an active blog. To those people I say : you are absolutely right. So lets move on.

I'm so insanely far behind in my reviews that I'll forget about the top ten for now and give you one liner reviews with a 1 to 10 rating.

Pani Poni Dash- If Azumanga Daioh and Cromartie High had a love child, on acid, this would be it. Crazy random alien fueled schoolgirl comedy that is well worth the ride, even if you don't get three quarters of the japanese pop culture references (and you won't!). 9.0/10

The Mars Daybreak- Cool protaganist character in a futuristic underwater mecha adventure. Slightly annoying supporting characters but a decent story with a cop-out ending. 8.0/10

Major (Seasons 1 through 3)- MVP baseball prodigy chooses the road less traveled amd thus creates major challenges for himself. Classic sports themed anime, you either hate it or love it. I love it. 8.0/10

Black Blood Brothers- Vampire brothers travel to a tension-filled city and try to prevent a vampire terrorist attack. Features lots of flashbacks and backstory into a way too condensed 12 episode series. Wasn't any good anyways. 6.0/10

Texhnolyze- Futuristic grim setting, with a deranged artificial-limbs imbued antihero. Mafia ruled city is faced with warring factions and backroom brokers trying to take advantage of the situation. Cool at times, lame at others. 7.5/10

Vandread (Seasons one and two)- Incredibly annoying stereotypes battle evil in a spaceship with mecha fighters. Really lame and unnecessary. 4.5/10

I'll leave the rest till next time. Keep watching!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Top Ten Anime of All Time (Compromise)

I know its been a while so I'll get straight to business. I had plans to make the Top Ten Anime a well researched and detailed process but I have nowhere near enough willpower to take on such a project and the longer I wait, the less I feel like doing it. So I'll give you ONE reason why you should watch, ONE reason why I loved it and ONE flaw I've found with the series and we'll see how many I can do in one sitting.

#10 FLCL: I loved it because: It was one of my first attempts at fansubbed anime and for that I will always cherish it.
You may be turned off by: The sometimes grainy and raw animation. The pace is sometimes too fast and it is short at 6 episodes.
You will love it because: It is an exciting, futuristic, creative, high-octane adventure on crack.

#9 Samurai Shamploo: I loved it because: It is a hip-hop infused edo-period samurai tale with interesting characters.
You may be turned off by: The fact that it doesn't compare to it's predecessor (cowboy bebop) and the female lead can be annoying at times.
You will love it because: It features kick-ass sword fights, kick-ass vilains and some pretty kick-ass cinematography. All around kick-ass series. Kick-ass.

Well I'm bushed right now so we'll leave the top ten at that for today. Since last couple of seasons have been below average fare, I've been watching some series from a couple of years back. Mainly I've watched Pani Poni Dash!, Texhnolyze, The Mars Daybreak, Vandread andThe Third. (Yes, my neglect of this blog does not mean I've neglected my anime). I'll start my reviews for those next time so stay tuned. Also, I've noticed I haven't made a post on my other blog in almost four months so I am dissolving it effective immediately. The only way this will affect this blog is that you will now be subject to any non-anime related post I may whimsically throw at you. Fear not, if my other blog is any indication, those are far and few between. Till next time,


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 already feels like a year to forget. I think 2009 will be the money year.

Welcome back, laughably small group of loyal followers. If you feel it's been a while and that I must have been lazy (which would be right), keep in mind that fansub groups also tend to take it easy this time of the year, which would have left me with little material. That could be considered a copout though.

Anyways, lets start with the finale of what were my 2 favorite currently airing series (sob). Heading into the final stretch with our female lead on her way towards a breakdown. At their final session, Misaki tries to entice Satou into a relationship of convenience where they would promise to never leave each other. Satou is suitably freaked out and runs away, breaking off their relationship. When he gets back home, Satou finds out his parents are cutting him off and he eventually must drive himself to work to live, which he eventually does. Misaki, always the ardent observer, comes to the conclusion that even a loser hikokomori like Satou doesn't need her and she attempts suicide which she fails. This finally culminates to a dramatic cliffside final episode where the characters come to a mutual understanding, of sorts.

I personally loved the final arc. It featured a ton of philosophy about the human condition, God and society. It had tons of character development on both sides, especially Misaki, who had been partly veiled in mystery until now. It featured the kind of conclusion I love, where the future isn't spelt out but the characters cannot return to the condition they had until now live, because they have changed and too much has happened and been said to be able to return to formalities.
Though this may not be obvious since the show ends with the familiar scene of Misaki cooking Satou a meal, it cannot mean what it once did. Misaki can longer consider Satou as her patient and though no agreement is verbally reached, the relationship must be considered as one must less platonic as the former. All in all, a great series, with funny episodes and memorable characters. 10/10

Black Lagoon ended on what I consider an anticlimatic note. Though the final episode featured a showdown between Revy and the sword-totting mafioso, it left me wanting more. More of a confrontation with Balalaika, more relationship development between our main duo and more of a high paced, destruction filled killzone. Though, the series leaves the door wide open to a third season that could fulfill some of these elements that I found lacking, I won't be holding my breath since it seems, the writers are weary of messing with the current situation. Still a great series driven by its fun characters. 8.5/10 (Black Lagoon season 1 : 9.5/10)

Now that these series have ended, you would think I would pick up some new ones. However, that is not currently the case. I rarely follow a series when it first starts because I dislike following it on a week to week basis because I tend to forget some details from previous episodes, which makes attachment difficult. I will almost always wait till the series is at least halfway through before watching it. That way I can watch many episodes in sucession and make a better analysis of its characters and plot development.

One example of this Akagi, a series I downloaded in a batch and watched in its entirety during the holidays. Anyways, the series features a Mahjong playing genius who plays Yakuza Reps for money and a challenge. The series was ok, and I wont delve very much into it. The main character was too perfect for my taste, never making a wrong move and always being the tricking others, without ever losing his cool. Where's the suspence in that?

Well, I'm kind of tired so I'll leave it at that for now and update the other series next time. Expect additional posts soon.