Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Doujin Works - Completed review

What is it?

Inspired by her friend, a young woman decides she wants to make it big in the self-published doujinshi world. Besides the fact that she can't draw and that she knows nothing about otaku-culture, what can stop her?
What's good about it?
I found myself surprised at how much I enjoyed this! All the characters are likable, if not deep. The jokes come at you fast and often. The setting is the now-common, yet still enjoyable doujin publishing world. The comedic material is the now-common, yet still enjoyable otaku culture. There are 12 episodes, but since they're only 14 minutes long (including OP/ED), it feels like an OVA series and doesn't ask for much of a commitment.
What's bad about it?
The production values are below-average and the product looks unpolished at times. The story and characters are not plausible, though that doesn't necessarily hurt a comedy. The jokes are recycled to a certain extent.
Final Verdict
It took me a few episodes but I really got into this series. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it stays inside its confort zone. A large part of the comedy is sexual innuendos and misunderstandings, but that was funny and the series wasn't long enough for it to get old. In times like these where fansubbed light fare is hard to come by, it's so refreshing to get a great sample.

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