Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Review Overhaul

I haven't been able to bring myself to keep updating the current shows I've been watching. In a few cases, I've stopped watching a show altogether (Heroic Age). Others, I have followed very closely (mostly lighter fare like Lucky Star, Seto no hanayome) but since these are mostly episodic by nature I don't feel inclined to review a plotless show. So what I will do is give you:
1- A first impression of different series (like those I have done so far)
2- A detailed review of the series once it ends (or the season ends). I mostly do this only for series I have watched but not talked about on this blog.
3-A weekly post of observations on the shows I follow that I wish to comment on.

The weekly post will cover plot development in story heavy series while commenting on trends I notice of the series I am watching.

Now the summer season has begun so I will be adding a few series to my plate:

Ookiku Furikabutte - looks to be a classic sports anime (in this case baseball)
Lovely Complex- school romance

Please look watch them - if that is what I instruct you upon having watched them myself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update: Reviews

Well, I suppose it's been a little while since my last review but I should be adding a handful in the next few days. So far, I like how the new reviews are coming around. Still I feel there's so room for improvement. I've considered going back to my old method of releasing one post a week commenting on all the shows I'm following, since I feel this new method makes me write a summary each time before I can comment, which is what I LIKE doing. For now I'll just stick with this system and scale back on the summarizing.

Here's some non-anime news your way. Those of you who know me know I bore you all to tears with my intense, raving adoration for the late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Well a two-disk compilation of unreleased recording called NEW MOON was released by KILL ROCK STARS a week ago and it owns! Get it now!

Well, since I'm here I might as well review something. Hmmm...OK!

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi:

What is it? Comedy about a weakling student who goes to train at a dojo of over-dedicated martial artists while being targeted by a notorious gang of martial artists.
What's good about it? Much of the supporting cast are funny character's like most of the Dojo lodgers, Kenichi's parents (who we don't see enough) and the busty blonde female lead, Myu.

What's bad about it? Kenichi is always whining about training or being a coward. Too many filler episodes- like going to the beach episode or worried teacher visits crazy dojo episode.

I don't have a really positive outlook on this series yet I'm still watching it at episode 20 so read into that what you will. The series isn't finished but I feel comfortable grading it at this point.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Seto No Hanayome 1-3

Yes, since I feel I don't have enough on my plate I'm picking up another series. Let's see how long this bout of initiative lasts.

Nagasumi is swimming in the ocean while on summer vacation and gets a leg cramp and starts drowning. However, he is saved by a KAWAII mermaid just before he passes out. He then learns that since the mermaid revealed herself in order to save him. He must marry her or die. After a series of events, he decides to accept the proposal (DUH). There is one hitch however. San-chan (mermaid's name) is from a Yakuza family under the sea and practically none of her family approve of the match. So while, San ands Nagasumi try to better know each other, Nagasumi keeps trying to evade attempts on his life.

While the premise is a little out there, this series is actually quite funny. Many of the side characters (Nagasumi's parent's, Masa, Maki) really shine while some are tired stereotypes (mainly San's Dad). I also think it's funny how they can incorporate a shark in scenes where they are on land. Go figure. It seems the setting of the show is changing since summer vacation is over, so it will be interesting to see how well the transition is made and if the introduction of new characters that is sure to follow will be as interesting. Let's stay tuned.

Heroic Age 4-5

AGE meets another Nodos and the two go at it. Meanwhile a huge battle takes place next to them. They fight to a standstill (the Nodos that is, the insects are destroyed by AGE) and everyone heads home.

Sorry for the less than enthusiastic summary there but I'm just not feeling this series right now. I can't put my finger on what's missing but I can't seem to get myself into it. The production values are there, so are the cool battles and mechas. Maybe it's the characters. I just don't care for any of the characters. The enemy nodos are boring, even the good guys aren't really interesting. Plus they fight insect minions that you never really feel are a threat. Maybe I don't care for the fact that the Nodos are just so insanely strong, like there's no parameters to follow. Maybe the whole mood is kinda dry and sterile and conversation is very empty. I'm just not feeling this right now. Oh well, maybe it'll get better.