Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Top Ten Anime of All Time (Compromise)

I know its been a while so I'll get straight to business. I had plans to make the Top Ten Anime a well researched and detailed process but I have nowhere near enough willpower to take on such a project and the longer I wait, the less I feel like doing it. So I'll give you ONE reason why you should watch, ONE reason why I loved it and ONE flaw I've found with the series and we'll see how many I can do in one sitting.

#10 FLCL: I loved it because: It was one of my first attempts at fansubbed anime and for that I will always cherish it.
You may be turned off by: The sometimes grainy and raw animation. The pace is sometimes too fast and it is short at 6 episodes.
You will love it because: It is an exciting, futuristic, creative, high-octane adventure on crack.

#9 Samurai Shamploo: I loved it because: It is a hip-hop infused edo-period samurai tale with interesting characters.
You may be turned off by: The fact that it doesn't compare to it's predecessor (cowboy bebop) and the female lead can be annoying at times.
You will love it because: It features kick-ass sword fights, kick-ass vilains and some pretty kick-ass cinematography. All around kick-ass series. Kick-ass.

Well I'm bushed right now so we'll leave the top ten at that for today. Since last couple of seasons have been below average fare, I've been watching some series from a couple of years back. Mainly I've watched Pani Poni Dash!, Texhnolyze, The Mars Daybreak, Vandread andThe Third. (Yes, my neglect of this blog does not mean I've neglected my anime). I'll start my reviews for those next time so stay tuned. Also, I've noticed I haven't made a post on my other blog in almost four months so I am dissolving it effective immediately. The only way this will affect this blog is that you will now be subject to any non-anime related post I may whimsically throw at you. Fear not, if my other blog is any indication, those are far and few between. Till next time,


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