Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 already feels like a year to forget. I think 2009 will be the money year.

Welcome back, laughably small group of loyal followers. If you feel it's been a while and that I must have been lazy (which would be right), keep in mind that fansub groups also tend to take it easy this time of the year, which would have left me with little material. That could be considered a copout though.

Anyways, lets start with the finale of what were my 2 favorite currently airing series (sob). Heading into the final stretch with our female lead on her way towards a breakdown. At their final session, Misaki tries to entice Satou into a relationship of convenience where they would promise to never leave each other. Satou is suitably freaked out and runs away, breaking off their relationship. When he gets back home, Satou finds out his parents are cutting him off and he eventually must drive himself to work to live, which he eventually does. Misaki, always the ardent observer, comes to the conclusion that even a loser hikokomori like Satou doesn't need her and she attempts suicide which she fails. This finally culminates to a dramatic cliffside final episode where the characters come to a mutual understanding, of sorts.

I personally loved the final arc. It featured a ton of philosophy about the human condition, God and society. It had tons of character development on both sides, especially Misaki, who had been partly veiled in mystery until now. It featured the kind of conclusion I love, where the future isn't spelt out but the characters cannot return to the condition they had until now live, because they have changed and too much has happened and been said to be able to return to formalities.
Though this may not be obvious since the show ends with the familiar scene of Misaki cooking Satou a meal, it cannot mean what it once did. Misaki can longer consider Satou as her patient and though no agreement is verbally reached, the relationship must be considered as one must less platonic as the former. All in all, a great series, with funny episodes and memorable characters. 10/10

Black Lagoon ended on what I consider an anticlimatic note. Though the final episode featured a showdown between Revy and the sword-totting mafioso, it left me wanting more. More of a confrontation with Balalaika, more relationship development between our main duo and more of a high paced, destruction filled killzone. Though, the series leaves the door wide open to a third season that could fulfill some of these elements that I found lacking, I won't be holding my breath since it seems, the writers are weary of messing with the current situation. Still a great series driven by its fun characters. 8.5/10 (Black Lagoon season 1 : 9.5/10)

Now that these series have ended, you would think I would pick up some new ones. However, that is not currently the case. I rarely follow a series when it first starts because I dislike following it on a week to week basis because I tend to forget some details from previous episodes, which makes attachment difficult. I will almost always wait till the series is at least halfway through before watching it. That way I can watch many episodes in sucession and make a better analysis of its characters and plot development.

One example of this Akagi, a series I downloaded in a batch and watched in its entirety during the holidays. Anyways, the series features a Mahjong playing genius who plays Yakuza Reps for money and a challenge. The series was ok, and I wont delve very much into it. The main character was too perfect for my taste, never making a wrong move and always being the tricking others, without ever losing his cool. Where's the suspence in that?

Well, I'm kind of tired so I'll leave it at that for now and update the other series next time. Expect additional posts soon.

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