Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gundam Wing - ReTrO ReViEw

What is it?

Five young pilots of special mobile suits nicknamed Gundams are sent to earth to overthrow the military alliance oppressing their native space colonies and trigger a multitude of world-changing events.

What's good about it?

You get the standard Gundam setting, steeped heavily in political and military organisations. The show starts off with a decent amount of intrigue since the motives and identities of the young boys are mysterious unknown.

What's bad about it?

Where to begin? It seems the motive of almost every character is inconsistent, unbelievable and never really explained. In fact, many plot turns are never realistically explained. Things "just happen" or a character will do something totally out of character just to serve the plot. Worse than that, that lame goal isn't even achieved since the plot also seems to runoff in unreasonable directions. The character development is also hindered in that there is almost no explaining the past of the characters, which might go a long way in explaining their motives.

Final Verdict

For some reason (probably nostalgia), I remembered this as being better than it is. I was shocked at how bad it was upon rewatching again after 10 years or so. This makes Gundam Seed look like a masterpiece (for the record I feel Gundam Seed, like almost all Gundam series, is mediocre. Unless you're a hardcore Gundam or mecha fan, don't bother watching this. I can't believe I made it through the 49 episodes.... again.


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