Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moonlight Mile 1-2

Two mountain climbers buddies, an American nicknamed "Lostman" and a Japanese guy named Goro, have conquered all the major mountains and have now decided to become astronauts. As luck would have it, a superpotent energy source has just been discovered on the moon so the space industry is in a boom. Lostman becomes a navy pilot in the hope of becoming a shuttle pilot while Goro joins a construction company that is subsequently awarded a contract on the moon. After showing off his skills in the company for a few years, Goro is given the spot on the moon construction mission. Meanwhile, countries in the middle-east, realizing their oil will soon be obsolete, prepare to launch a last-ditch war in the Persian Gulf, which is where Lostman's unit is presently located.

This series is much better than I expected. Character development is very well done and the supporting cast is interesting in itself. So far the story has been almost exclusively centered around Goro, so I'm wondering if, now that Goro has been selected to go to space, the focus is shifted to his American counterpart, or if the show will continue to follow Goro and leave Lostman's progress a mystery until later when they meet again. I'm looking forward to future episodes!

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