Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let's keep the reviews rolling...

Erementar Gerad- A story about humans and power-possessing beings that merge with them to form contracts. Characters range from boring to annoying and the story is so bland a spider on the wall is more entertaining. 5.0/10

Ghost hunt - A band of supernatural investigators perform a gambit of missions which include battling ghosts and destroying curses. Characters include a shrine priestess, a buddhist monk, a catholic priest and a psychic but the protagonists are a high school girl and a narcissistic genius (appropriatly nicknamed "Naru"). Lots of fun with some interesting cases. One of the best shows of last season. 9.0/10

Ouran Host Club- Solid comedy about a club of high school hosts that fall for a female student that they force to cross-dress so that she can join their club. She learns about the difficulties of the elite while they learn about instant coffee. Great cast of characters. 8.5/10

Busou Renkin- Warriors imbued with the power of alchemy battle monsters also imbued with those same powers. An above-par fighting anime that was funnier than expected on the occasions it cared to attempt some humor. 7.5/10

There will be more next week as I try to ressurrect the Top Ten. Stay tuned!

P.S. For those of you that care, I like Detroit, Dallas, Anaheim, Nashville, Buffalo, Ottawa, Tampa Bay and New York's (Rangers) chances of advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. BTW, that's hockey, for those of you forming the ignorant masses.

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