Thursday, April 26, 2007

Claymore 1-4

Claymore is your basic generic shounen anime except with a female lead, which is definitely a plus. Anyways, Claymores are half-demon, half-human mercenaries that kill full demons by request, oh and Claymores are all girls. They are still generally feared and hated by the public though. Anyways, this chronicles Clare & her cook/sidekick, Raki. Both characters aren't very endearing(Raki is downright annoying), but the animation is nice and the fight scenes are decent so this gets a passing grade from me.

By the end of episode four, Raki somehow stops Clare from becoming a Youma(btw Youma are demons), a fate that is inevitable to Claymores, thus removing the need for her to kill herself and make this a very short series. What was that all about? If they don't explain the phenomenon, or if the reason she was able to revert is because he opened her heart or some corny trash like that, I will feel extremely disguted and will quickly be reduced to moking this series on a weekly basis. For now though, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.

A scene where Clare almost chops Raki's head off

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