Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heroic Age 1-3

Heroic Age is a space mecha, though the story is a little out there. The universe is made up of different tribes, vying for universal supremecy. Unlike other shows like this, there isn't a "War is Hell" message behind the story. Every tribe is voluntarily participating in this contest of strength, answering the challenge of a superior golden tribe that has since left the galaxy. Anyway, our story follows the Human tribe which is considered the weakest of the main players. The tribe finds their God-warrior, one of the five remnants of the Hero tribe, which has the control over a mecha like creature. The other 4 heros are all part of the frontrunning silver tribe. The humans' hero, Age, has lived a life of solitude on an unoccupied planet and has no experience socializing with other humans. The first three episodes pretty much involve the crew of a human ship trying to tame his wild ways between him kicking the ass of enemy minions. By the end of episode 3, it is clear the other 4 heros are planning how to attack him so we can expect some hero vs. hero action in the coming weeks.

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