Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sola 1-3

Sola is a slice of life anime that is eerily similar to Kanon (2006), a great show itself. So far the show revolves around a guy who likes to photograph the sky (lame). He meets a mysterious girl one day and eventually learns she is some kind of immortal nightwalking entity. He decides to hide her in his house (he has no parents) since some equally mysterious goatee guy is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, our lead male has a depressing little sister living in the hospital an a childhood friend who comes to cook his meals and walk to school with as the other mean characters in this show. So far, the show has been kind of disappointing. The story is moving very slowly and the characters have been kind of bland. Still, I'm expecting the show to pick up and predict it might be a must-see by the time it's over.

I'll take this opportunity to review Kanon (2006) which, for some reason, I neglected to do a month or so ago when I watched it.

Kanon (2006)- Slice of life drama. Features several story arcs featuring the lead male and different girls in a small winter town. Characters are interesting, features great dialogue and intriguing supernatural elements. A must see. 9.2/10

Scene from Kanon, featuring some of the main characters.

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