Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gigantic Formula 1-3

Different countries begin to duel each other in mechas. The losing countries must help the winner as they try to conquer the world. This is all done to appease the wrath of those mechas and prevent a second apocalypse incident. Anyways, our story follows the Japanese country's 13 year old mecha pilot and his translator (She conveys the will of the mecha. I think the mecha's name is Shusano). The anime starts off with the Chinese mecha attacking Japan. Japan nevertheless wins the duel and China is forced to join Japan. Episode 3 ends with Russia, intimidated by the Japan-China alliance, challenging Japan to a duel.

So far, this show has been pretty decent. The focus has been almost entirely on the politics and history of mecha duels so far, so hopefully the character development and actual action start to pick up in the next few episodes. Kinda wondering if the pilot has a thing for the translator(who appears to be slightly older than him) or if it was just an initial infatuation.

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