Monday, October 08, 2007

History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi - Review Revision

I've previously reviewed this series, even though I had only watched around half of the series. At the time I believed I had seen enough to review it and gave a harsh enough review. Having placed much of my ire at the number of filler episodes which dominated the first half of the series I was then pleasantly surprised to find them to be completely eliminated form the second. By no stretch is this a "great" series, it sufficiently improved in the latter half to justify me changing its rating.

Previous rating 7.0 ----------------------> Revised review 7.7

I'm taking a break now but expect some more, briefer, reviews in the next 3 days. Here's a list of them so I don't forget.

-Lucky Star
-Kaze no Stigma
-City Hunter
-Code Geass (season 1)
-Sumomo momo momomo momomo momo momomomomomo
-Lovely Complex (whenever KissSub gets off their asses and sub the last episode)

After those reviews I'll be concentrating mostly on examing the batch of new shows of the fall anime season.

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