Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lucky Star - Completed Review

What is it?

Bunch of cute Japanese schoolgirls do a bunch of cute japanese schoolgirl things. A formula for success!
What's good about it?
Lucky star doesn't take this Moe-moment filled schoolgirl anime halfway. It shamelessly includes every character stereotype in the genre. The naive and innocent glasses-wearing beauty(pink-haired featured below), the indulgent and lazy girl(yellow-ribbon), her tsundere sister, the naive sickly little girl, her tall, silent, cool, insecure friend, the foreign exhange student who knows waaaay to much about otaku culture, the irresponsible teacher, the mangaka with a dirty mind. The star of the show is Konata(blue hair), a hardcore otaku, well-versed in manga, anime, collectible figurines and cards(among others), ero-games and MMORPGs. Charming!
What's bad about it?
As you may expect from stereotypic characters, many of the character interactions and jokes are kind of repetitive and predictable.
Final Verdict
Lucky Star is a must-see for any anime junkie. Your level of appreciation for many of the references and themes can be an important factor in how much you enjoy this series. Those that are clueless about otaku culture will repeatedly find themselves frustrated and are in danger of not "getting it". Luckily for you, if you're reading this blog, you know enough about these themes to guarantee a fun ride.

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