Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anime Roundup - July '07

Hola fellow anime-enthusiasts. Well, let's jump right into it. Firstly, as I suspected would happen, One Piece has started putting out filler. The only thing worst than a filler arc is individual filler episodes, which is what the last two episodes have been. Here's to hoping the Water 7 episodes are nearly done.

We're halfway through a season of Lovely Complex and our protaganists don't seem any closer to getting together than before. Though the show is still funny, the flow has kind of stagnated of late and the character interactions have become repetitive. Hopefully, the pace will pick up in the coming episodes.

It looks like Kaze no Stigma is starting a similar trend. Let's hope the last couple of date episodes are blips and that the series doesn't try to do what it's not about.

Lucky Star has tried shaking things up by introducing some new characters and it has met with some partial success. The new characters are fun and add some novelty, but the whole material is largely the same. Still probably the best show airing at the moment though. I love it when Konata mentions Yutaka has a special appeal with a certain audience and Yutaka has no idea what she means. Priceless.

Hayate no Gotoku has also changed it's scenery by having Hayate go to the rich kid's school with Nagi. This will probably mean less Maria and more everyone else which is great(though I do like Maria). This series has stayed fresh since the beginning and I'm only enjoying it more as it goes on.

Now that Clare isn't the weakling she was until now, I'm banking on Claymore to get more exciting as the series progresses. It looks like she is up against two Awakened Beings right now so this is a perfect opportunity for her to kick some ass.

Well, that's all I care to go on about. I've got Mushishi, Death Note, Sumomo mo Momo mo(what a stupid title) and Nodame Cantabile reviews on the backburner so you can expect to see those in the coming weeks(expect three good reviews and one bad one. You can probably tell which is which by looking at the titles or if you've watched those series at all). Now, I'll leave you all with a screenshot of Yutaka's reaction after Yui tells her something that's not appropriate to say to your little sister. Bye-bee!

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