Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top Ten Anime Format

After sitting down and trying to picture how I would write this project, I soon realized that trying to release this as one post would be excrutiatingly time consuming since I want to present each series in some detail surrounding characters, plot and presentation. Instead of releasing it as one post I will countdown to #1 by posting them in increments. This way I can build drama, anticipation and rivalry about my eventual top dog. Here are the rules I am putting in to limit my choices:

------> I will not include series that are still in production. Exceptions may be made to series that have been going on forever since I probably already have an accurate picture of what they entail.

------> Since I never watch dubbed anime, due to the fact that I abhor it and find Japanese voice acting infinitely better and more pleasant, I will obviously not take into account how bad or good the english dub is on any of these series.

------> The quality of the subbing or of the fansub release may differ from series to series and fangroup to fangroup. In light of this, I will not take the quality of the fansub into consideration when establishing rank. However, the overall impression a series leaves on me can be affected by the quality of its release or even the mood I was in when I watched it. I apologize in advance for any series that may have soured on me thru no fault of their own.

------> The positioning I assign to series is not meant to objectively rate anime. They are my favorite series TONIGHT and THAT I CAN REMEMBER. After watching hundreds of series some have left less of an impression on me despite being probably better than some of my selections. I wrote a list tonight and I will be faithful to it for the rest of the countdown for the sake of boundaries. Having said all that, I can guarantee that all the featured series were immensely enjoyable and you cannot go wrong by watching any of them.

Ok, so that's the format. Expect #10 to be posted in the next 48 hours. Start placing your bets!

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