Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yes, I am still alive

Do not fret, I have not yet departed for the great unknown. I have, to put it bluntly, let this blog go to shit so I will at least do some minimal updating on the shows I usually cover weekly. First off One Piece episodes have officially restarted, if you have been following the adc-elites fansubs. They had a sudden resignation from their then sole translator and when they came back had to go through a flurry of flashback episodes. The plot is now at the heart of the arc where each crew member finds themselves facing off against their respective opponents. For those of you unfamiliar with one piece or have brushed it off as childish, you are missing out on a true gem. Closing in on their 300th episode, One Piece remains entertaining despite being a tad formulaic and a slow pace(which is still at a faster pace than the manga). Anyways go to anidb or animenfo for a description if you haven't heard of this(have you been living in a cave).

Welcome to the NHK is still going strong heading into its last throes. After Satou and Kaoru finish their bishoujo h-game to little fanfare and Karou suddenly departs to unwillingly take over the family farm, our hero finds himself wondering what's to become of his life and dreadingliy believing he will sooner or later go back to his hikokomori lifestyle. All the while, Misaki is secretely doubting herself and wondering if she can really make a difference for Satou. The series finale is lining up very nicely, hopefully a significant breakthrough in Satou's life (possibly in the Satou-Misaki relationship) changes the oft-selfdelusional Satou to someone we believe will have a path to changing his life around. When the series end, Satou should have changed in a way that that chapter of his life ends too.

Bokura ga ita episodes have been slow coming, so slow actually that i'll leave the update till I get to watch another episode.

I have a backload of bleach episodes and a BL and Tokimeki episode downloaded amd that I expect to watch tonight so I'll probably get to those in the next few hours. If I'm too tired afterwards, I'll put off the reviews to God knows when, since I've given up up on setting timetables that I end up breaking anyways. Which brings me to the Top Ten Anime. I know I promised #10 3 weeks ago but I have hit some unexpected speed bumps in the process of writing. I'll need to at least watch 1 episode of those few series in the top ten I have only watched once because I seem to have a hazy memory of them, mostly names and the like. Anyways, I may release it very soon or way in the future. I won't even make a prediction. Status is officially listed as STALLED for this project.

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