Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two more episode reviews

Welcome to the NHK hits back with a hilarious episode that begins with Satou meeting his old class president. To make a long story short, she screws him into getting involved in some pyramid scheme and now an already cash-straped Satou finds himself burdened with a huge debt. I can't wait to see how (or if) he gets himself out of this one.

Bokura ga ita also faired better than it has as of late, highlighted by a partial reconciliation between our couple. This episode probably featured more character development of Yano than any other one so far, which is good because the female lead is kind of a bore. Especially interesting to learn !!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! was that Yano was the illigitimate son of his mother and a married man, which partly explains his distrust of women.

Two better than expected episodes, lets hope it's a trend the rest of the week will follow.

By the by, I'm presently working on my top ten all time anime series so look forward and expect it to feature a healthy dose of school life anime series since I am particularly weak for them. ( If you haven't already noticed. Also, I'll try to feature more screenshots, I know I've been kind of lazy in that regard as of late.

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