Thursday, November 02, 2006

This week in anime!

Well this was not a particurlarly exciting week in anime. Two of my favorite shows Black Lagoon and Welcome to the NHK!, featured bland episodes though they both ended on cliffhangers. BL looks like it setting up a battle royal between the island's eccentric headhunters, so hopefully next week's episode will be enthralling. One thing about the new season I find grating is the overexposure of sister Eda while we have barely seen any of the BL crew besides Levy. I wish they would go back to their exciting boat chases and smuggling jobs.

Welcome to the NHK! ended with a call to our protaganist from his estranged class president after an episode of Satou reaching new levels of patheticness. Overall, I thought the MMORPG arc unoriginal and the Kaoru/Mia double identity contrived. Hopefully this new character will freshen up a great show.

After a surprisingly good first couple of shows, Tokimeki Memorial finally lived up to its low expectations with a boring o-bento related episode. After a start that was mostly interesting because of its off-the-wallness, TM goes with the most overused and irrelevant school romance anime mould theme, a o-bento related episode. On top of that, next episode looks to even top this one in ennuie with the introduction of a uber-boring character. This is what I get for getting optimistic about this series. Here's to hoping this series can be resuccitated with the promising upcoming sports-fest which is hopefully in the works sooner rather than later. The void left a month ago with the finale of the 2nd season of School Rumble is really felt when you watch a show like this.

Other than the new One Piece episodes are still running clip shows so that's pretty unwatchable at the moment. Well, let's pack it up for the week and hope for better in the future.

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